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2018 Campus Safety Plan 2018 Campus Safety Plan



Enforcement and Arrest Authority

The University of La Verne's Campus Safety Department is within the University's ParkingStructure located at 2021 D Street, La Verne, CA 91750. The Department provides safety services around the clock to our campus community and Safety Dispatch can be reached directly 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (909) 448-4950. The Campus Safety Department is a non-sworn safety department that provides a safe and secure environment for the La Verne campus community. The Campus Safety Department is also charged with enforcing University policies, procedures, and vehicle code. The Campus Safety Officers (CSO's) of the University have private citizen's powers of arrest. Penal Code Section 837 specifies the conditions under which officers, as a private person, may make an arrest. A private person may arrest another:

  1. For a public offense committed or attempted in their presence.

  2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in their presence.

  3. When a felony has in fact been committed, and they have reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed the felony.

Campus Safety has developed strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies in order to facilitate coordination in case of emergencies. The La Verne Police Department has primary jurisdiction for the enforcement of State, Federal, and Local laws on the campus. The La Verne Police Department and University Campus Safety provide proactive safety patrols of the university community and surrounding area. In compliance with Kristen Smart guidelines, the University of La Verne and the La Verne Police Department have entered into a "Memorandum of Understating" (MOU) in order to establish operational guidelines and clarify jurisdictional and administrative responsibilities for investigating Clery Part I violent crime, sexual assault, and hate crimes.

Crime Reporting

The entire campus community is strongly encouraged to report any and all known or suspected incidents of criminal activity on campus to the University of La Verne's Campus SafetyDepartment as soon as possible aligning with the National theme "If You See Something, Say Something". Campus Safety can be contacted by phone, emergency blue light call stations, in person, or online.

Phone contact:

  • In all emergencies dial 911

  • Non-emergency calls dial 909 448-4950 or ext. 4950 from campus phones

  • Give your name, telephone number, and location

  • Give clear and accurate information

  • Be prepared to supply suspect and vehicle description, and direction of travel

  • DON'T HANG UP! Follow the instructions of the dispatcher

Emergency Blue Light Call Stations

  • Blue light call stations are located throughout the main campus and the west campus

  • The Blue light stations are a 24-hour push button activated emergency telephone system

  • Activating the Blue light button will put you in direct contact with emergency personnel

    for any emergency need

    In Person Contact:

  • University of La Verne Campus Safety Department is located on the East end of the first floor of the parking structure, 2021 D Street, La Verne CA 91750

  • The front lobby is open 24 hours a day everyday

  • Any Campus Safety Officer on patrol anywhere on Campus can be contacted in person

    On line contact

  • Emails can be sent to

  • The email address is monitored 24 hours a day by Campus Safety Dispatch


    Security and Access to Campus Facilities

    All campus facilities are either key or electronic card key accessed. Most campus buildings are opened and secured daily by Campus Safety personnel for scheduled campus community use. The Housing and Residential Life buildings have electronic key access on the exterior doors and key access on the interior doors. The Vista residence has electronic access to exterior and suite entry doors with key access to individual rooms. Campus key control and distribution is a function of the Facilities Management Department.

    Security Considerations Used in Maintenance of Campus Facilities

    Regular inspections and surveys of campus indoor/outdoor lighting, shrubbery and walkways are conducted. The University participates in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design concepts for planning and improvements on campus.

    Special Event Safety Planning

    Preparation for major events on campus involve the creation of an Incident Action Plan according to the Standardized Emergency Management System and in collaboration with involved agencies and contracted safety personnel. Other events are vetted and planned for based on size and anticipated activities.

    New Student Orientations

    Campus Safety personnel provide personal safety tips and emergency contact information to new students on a regular basis through new student orientation and safety programs, and information is provided on line and in the student handbook. Students are informed of policies, reporting options, voluntary confidential crime reporting procedures, and safety programs.


New Employee Orientations

Throughout the year, University Safety Operations personnel present safety policies and procedures to new employees in cooperation with the Human Resources Department. Employees are informed of injury and illness prevention, workplace violence, safety programs, and voluntary confidential crime reporting procedures.


  • Safety and emergency informational posters distributed around campus.

  • Live Safe app made available to students as a mobile safety communications platform.

  • Shelter in Place, Active Assailant, and Mass Casualty training in cooperation with La Verne Police and Fire conducted on campus. This is part of the Run-Hide-Fight program for active shooter.

  • Provide multiple safety workshops and trainings on topics including sexual assault prevention, alcohol poisoning, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, violence prevention, active shooter response, evacuation drills, fire safety, and personal safety.

  • Resident Assistants trained in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

  • Omnilert emergency notification system upgraded.

  • Annual distribution of Student Notifications including Drug Free, Title IX, Code of

    Student Conduct, FERPA, Service for Students with Disabilities, Campus Crime Statistics, Campus Sex Crimes Prevention, and Complaint Procedure information.


  • Provide personal safety drills and evacuation procedures as part of the Active Assailant Training utilizing the Run, Hide, Fight concept.

  • Active Assailant presentation by La Verne Police Department.

  • Expanded and update surveillance camera coverage and capabilities around the campus.

  • Conduct earthquake preparedness training utilizing the Great Shake Out event concept.

  • Host a Safety Fair event including LVPD and LVFD among other vendors and safety providers as a platform to distribute safety procedures and emergency preparedness information.

  • Streamlining of emergency notifications to increase efficiency of message delivery.

  • Expand electronic key card access systems on campus in additional buildings,

    classrooms, offices, and new dorms currently under construction, and improve remote

    access and control of those systems.

  • Participated in TLO Program with Joint Regional Intelligence Center.

  • Continued expansion of surveillance camera coverage around campus.

  • Continue Resident Assistant training in safety-related areas such as Title IX reporting,

    Bystander Intervention, Fire training, and emergency evacuation procedures.


This report is a separate and distinct report from the Annual Security Report required under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act). The 2018 Clery Annual Security Report is available at the Campus Safety office, on the Campus Safety website.

These statistics were compiled using the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting program definitions, occurring on campus, and in compliance with California State Education Code, Chapter 16, of the Donahue Higher Education Act, Section 67380.

2018 Statistics (California Education Code §67380 (a)(1)(A)


On Campus (including Main and all 9 Regional campuses)





Violent crimes*



Non-Criminal acts of hate violence








Destruction of Property





Illegal Drugs



Alcohol Intoxication




* Violent Crimes include; willful homicide (0), rape (1), robbery (1), aggravated assault (1), hate crimes (0): on campus.

In the (1) Rape case the suspect was known to the victim. The victim either refused to identify the suspect or refused to pursue prosecution.

The (1) Robbery occurred at the College of the Canyons/Regional Campus. The College of the Canyons Campus Safety Department is awaiting a disposition from the Law Enforcement Agency handling this case.

In the Aggravated Assault case, the suspect was arrested and prosecuted.

**Thefts include all thefts, vehicle thefts, and burglary occurring on all campuses.

Contact Contact



The Office of Campus Safety is located on the ground floor of the Parking Structure at:

2021 D Street
La Verne, CA 91750

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please call the office at (909) 448-4950 or dial 4950 from any campus phone.

The University of La Verne prides itself on having a safe and inviting campus that welcomes visitors for an afternoon or students for years of study. Campus Safety Officers are patrolling campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.



Campus Security Authority Training Click here.

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