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ShakeAlertLA Tutorial and FAQs ShakeAlertLA Tutorial and FAQs


Imagine receiving an early warning notification of a pending earthquake.

This notification may afford you just enough time to Duck, Cover and Hold On if you find yourself indoors such as in a classroom, brace yourself if you are working on a platform off the ground or pull over to the side of a road away from buildings, power lines, trees, and any other overhanging hazard if you are in a vehicle.

This is ShakeAlertLA, and it is here.

ShakeAlertLA is an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) app that detects seismic activity measuring 5.0 magnitude or greater. This early warning system rapidly detects earthquakes and sends alerts to your mobile device, to protect life and property before the strong shaking arrives, if your mobile device is within LA County. The app is available in both English and Spanish and offers earthquake preparedness tips, allows you to obtain details on recent seismic activity, and assists you where to find help after an earthquake if you are not on campus.

Our Leo Community is encouraged to take a few moments and download this lifesaving ShakeAlertLA app into your Apple or Android device today.

We also encourage you to visit your ULV Alert/e2Campus account and update your contact information or add additional sources to receive important notifications regarding significant events that may affect our campus by using the sign-up instructions you receive when clicking on the hot link. You can also find ULV Alert/e2Campus under the Campus Safety website under the Emergency Preparedness tab.

ShakeAlertLA is found in the Campus Safety website under the "Emergency Preparedness" tab and the Risk Management website under "Important Links".

Please take a look at this short two minute ShakeAlertLA video followed by a brief PowerPoint presentation that will assist you in downloading the app, demonstrate the features, advantages and benefits and answer some FAQ's of this very important lifesaving app.

Thank you Leo Community and lets all be Leo Safe!

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