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Crime Prevention Crime Prevention


The most effective way to solve a crime is of course to prevent one. At the University of La Verne, The Campus Safety Department and all of its partners on campus, along with the La Verne Police Department–and of course you–every effort is made to prevent crime on or near the campus. To continue to help in this effort, we encourage you to:

  • If you see something, say something. Call 911 or (909)-448-4950 right away.
  • Reduce Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Theft
    1. Assume no place is safe.
    2. Never leave your valuables unattended.
    3. Don't allow strangers to enter your building behind you.
    4. Close and lock your dorm or bedroom. door, even if leaving for a short time.
    5. If you have a laptop computer, obtain and use a laptop security lock. Also, be sure to register your computer with a laptop tracking software provider.
  • Check with roommates and others in your building about class and activity schedules, or plans to study in the Library.
    1. Possibly others are going to the same location and you can walk together.
    2. Check with others in your classes to see if they are going to the same location as you after class.
    3. Commuter students: Ask if there are other commuter students in your last class and inquire on the possibility of parking in the same area or lot when you arrive. After class is over you will be walking together to the parking area.
    4. When walking, stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you – don't become lost in thought or daydreams–especially when you're approaching a street or while you're in a parking lot.
    5. At night, stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible.
  • Helpful information for your smartphones.
    1. Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Apple has an app that will allow you to locate your apple device on a map, remotely lock your device, or erase your data. Read more about this app at Type the words "Find My iPhone" (or iPad, iPod, mac) in the search engine on the Apple website.
    2. Android Smartphones. If you own an android phone, we suggest Lookout Mobile Security where you can immediately map the location of your phone in any browser and sound a loud alarm, even if your phone is in silent mode. If your Android is lost or stolen, Lookout Premium enables you to remotely lock it and wipe your personal data.
  • Register your bicycle with Campus Safety.
    1. It's FREE!
    2. It's a national registry, so if your bike is lost or stolen, the chances of finding it are much greater.
    3. When you do register your bike with us, we'll give you a free U-Lock to help you keep it.

Crime Reporting Crime Reporting


How to Report a Crime

At all times, if you see something, say something. Call Campus Safety right away if you see someone or something suspicious. Call us at 909-448-4950, or if it's an emergency, call 9-1-1.

The University encourages students to report all criminal activity and all suspicious incidents to the Campus Safety Department at 909-448-4950 or 909-208-4903 as soon as possible, regardless of how insignificant the incident may appear. Reports of in-progress crimes may be made directly to the La Verne Police Department by dialing 911. Reports of fire or medical emergencies may be made directly to the La Verne Fire Department by dialing 911.

All calls to 911 from a campus extension must dial a "9" first. If callers report the incident directly to the Police or Fire Departments, it is imperative that a call be made to the Campus Safety Department so that we can direct the emergency crews to the proper location and so the incident can be documented.

Sex Offender Registry and Access to Related Information

The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, enacted on October 28, 2000 became effective October 28, 2002. The law requires registered sex offenders who are employed by or students of a university to register with the local agency that has law enforcement authority over the university, in addition to registering with the law enforcement agency where they reside. In the case of the University of La Verne, that agency is the La Verne Police Department. The La Verne PD also maintains a database where persons may access information on the registration status of individuals.

Confidential or Sensitive Reports

It is the policy of the Dean of Student Affairs, The Campus Safety Department, and the Office of Housing and Residence Life to provide prompt, sensitive and confidential service to all members of the campus community who may require their assistance. Due to the nature of their duties, these staff members must treat all crimes reported to them as official matters and investigate them accordingly. Anyone desiring to discuss such matters in a less official, non-investigative setting with ULV staff who have counseling duties may contact Campus Ministry at ext. 4320/4322, the Counseling Center at ext. 4831/4650, or the Director of Health Services at ext.4254.

Personal Security Planning Personal Security Planning


Campus safety is the entire community's responsibility, a big part of what we call "Leos Caring 4 Leos". By doing these suggested steps, you help us all. Here's our "Top 9" Security Planning recommendations:

  1. Campus Safety phone number is (909) 448-4950 or 911. Store it in your cell phone.
  2. Report all crimes, suspicious persons or activities to Campus Safety immediately. Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and follow your instincts. If something doesn't feel right or look right, call us and report it.
  3. Verify your Emergency Notification System (ENS) information is correct at your My La Verne account.
  4. When walking on campus, take the route that you feel is best, not simply the fastest route. Use sidewalks and crosswalks, and for longer distances or late evening departures, use Campus Shuttles or call Campus Safety for CSO Escorts after dark.
  5. Do not leave your belongings unattended, even for a few minutes.
  6. Protect your personal information, share only what is required for official University business. This includes your cell phone number!
  7. Register your bicycle with Campus Safety and/or the La Verne Police Department and use a U-lock. Cable and chain locks can be easily defeated.
  8. Learn where the emergency phones are located on common routes you walk and inside the buildings where you attend classes.

Share schedule and evening plans with friends/family. Tell them where you are going, who you will be with and when you are expected to return.

Thank you for helping make the University of La Verne a safer campus!

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The Office of Campus Safety is located on the ground floor of the Parking Structure at:

2021 D Street
La Verne, CA 91750

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please call the office at (909) 448-4950 or dial 4950 from any campus phone.

The University of La Verne prides itself on having a safe and inviting campus that welcomes visitors for an afternoon or students for years of study. Campus Safety Officers are patrolling campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.



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