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Jeremy Schnieder - Director 

Since 1999, Jeremy Schnieder has been an award-winning teacher and administrator with experiences at several colleges and universities. Much of his career has been devoted to the pursuit of enhanced student learning through meaningful pedagogy, faculty development, and assessment. In that time, he has also taught courses at all levels, primarily in writing and public speaking. Jeremy has published and presented nationally and internationally on issues of communal values, writing pedagogy and assessment, and faculty development. He holds a PhD, from Bowling Green State University, in Rhetoric and Writing.








Elizabeth Nelson - Instructional Designer 

Elizabeth started her scholarly career studying Physics and Art History at the University of La Verne and soon found herself falling in love not just with content but with the practices of teaching and learning. Elizabeth had the opportunity to work for the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Student Assistant as well as staff during her graduate work. After finishing her time with the University of La Verne, Elizabeth had the opportunity to run the Center for Digital Learning at the University of Redlands where she was able to focus on the integration of technology into learning enviroments. Interweiving her passion for teaching and learning with technology to enhance the learning expereince for all learners in the higher education setting. As growth continued, Elizabeth got the opportunity to work in the coorportate setting developing and curating learning materials for a global investmant firm. At this firm she was able to expand her knowledge of the finance industry as well as real world application of teaching and learning practices. While Elizabeth continues to do contract work for industry partners her main focus at this time is the Universty of La Verne faculty in her position as Instructional Designer for the university. It is her main goal to empower faculty to teach their passion and help them to explore their content areas by enchancing the scope in which they view their subjects via their students' learning expereinces.







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