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Each day many vendors and contractors come onto campus to provide services to the University. We recognize that vendors and contractors are a critical facet of campus life. However, the University has limited parking facilities to satisfy the parking demand of these visitors and the normal number of staff, faculty, and students. Therefore, it is essential the University have clear and concise policies and procedures to accommodate the vendors and contractors who have business on campus.

A Vendor is any member/company that has been contracted to provide services to the University community. Vendors with a University permit are allowed to park anywhere on campus in a legal parking space with the exception of meters, handicapped spaces, and reserved spaces.

Types of vendors and contractors that conduct business on The University campus can include:

Vendors or contractors who perform services to university facilities in easily recognizable "branded / logo" vehicles.

Because these companies have a service arrangement with the university it is assumed that the volume or special discount that the university enjoys includes provisions to provide parking and access to the University.

This access provision should be addressed in all future agreements and or contracts by University supervising departments, purchasing, or the contracting agency.

The cost of a Vendor Permit will be included in the University contract. The sponsoring University entity will ensure the university's interests are protected during contract negotiations. Transportation and Parking Services must be informed of any contractual commitment concerning parking or access.


  • No permits will be issued.
  • No additional cost will be charged for access or parking on campus.

This type of vendor or contractor may park in any:

  • University loading zone (LZ);
  • Service area;
  • Areas approved by the University; or
  • University surface lots for no longer than 30 minutes with emergency flashers.

Vendors and contractors who have service contracts with the University and conduct their business in unmarked vehicles.

These types of vendors or contractors are supervised by the University's departments or agencies such as Facilities Management, Housing and Food Services, Athletics, and others. The University's supervising department must coordinate their parking needs with and obtain permits from Transportation and Parking Services. Several options are available to accommodate these vendors and contractors.

The first option is for the vendor to purchase a Vendor Permit for one or all of the company's authorized vehicles. If there are multiple vehicles the company must coordinate with Transportation and Parking Services to determine the number of permits and the process to identify the vehicles.

The cost of purchasing a permit will be the annual or daily equivalent of the cost of the Permit. The cost of the permit for the 2021-2022 year will be $312.00 per year for each permit, $26 per month. VENDOR parking permits valid for the fiscal year can be purchased by contacting Transportation and Parking Services.


Upon final access agreement, the vendor or contractor may park:

  • In any University loading zone (LZ);
  • Any service area;
  • In areas approved by the University;
  • All university surface lots for not longer than 30 minutes with emergency flashers; and
  • In an area coordinated between the university and Parking Services.

Vendors or service providers who have no contractual relationship with the University and conduct business from unmarked vehicles. Consultants and salespersons usually fit this category.

These individuals will not be provided free access to the campus.

They will be referred to Campus Safety and Parking Services to purchase an annual ("Vendor" Permit) at the existing rate of $312.00 per year for each permit, $26 per month. 

If a sponsoring department or agency wishes to pay for this vendor parking, the department must coordinate with Campus Safety and Parking Services.

Vendors have the option of purchasing a yearly parking permit at a cost of $312.00/year.

Upon issuance of the Vendor temporary parking permit "VENDOR" will be written on the temporary parking permit.  This will allow the vendor to park:

  • In any University lot, including the parking structure (vehicles must be below maximum height restriction).
  • If the vendor is loading/unloading supplies from their vehicle, they may park in a loading/unloading zone for no longer than the time it takes to load/unload items.

Please Note:
Campus Safety and Parking Services will honor existing agreements for contracts that are currently in existence until they expire. The supervising department will identify the vendor and/or contractor access and parking requirements as outlined in their individual contracts. Exact parking areas will be coordinated with Campus Safety and Parking Services and the department. If the current contract precludes the vendor from purchasing the parking, it will be provided free by Parking Services.

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The Office of Parking Services is located on the ground floor of the Parking Structure in the Office of Campus Safety:

2021 D Street
La Verne, CA 91750

Parking Services is open 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please call the office at (909) 448-4764.


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